About Us

People and circumstances change. You have changed, your surroundings and lifestyle has changed. It is this changing world into which our children have to adapt.

Education is the primary tool we provide to children to adapt and progress in this changing world. Education opens the mind and widens the horizons. McLeod’s English School is a pioneer in the field of education in Bathery – transforming lives and introducing new generation education to the society. The ideology of McLeod’s English School is setting high academic standards.


McLeod’s English School was founded by Mrs. D. E. Luiz, a MA Lt. from the Presidency College, Madras. As a pioneer planter in Wayanad, she had been involved in many social activities including English Education in Sulthan Bathery.
Having been a lecturer in many prestigious colleges in India and abroad, Mrs. Luiz decided to start in Poomala a playschool for toddlers in 1997.
Gradually by adding 1 class every year in 2014-15, the first batch of 7 students cleared the Class X examination of the CBSE, New Delhi with flying colours.
Having obtained Affiliation in 2012 for conducting classes’ upto Class X, the Management of McLeod’s English School has initiated an expansion programme, in terms of infrastructure and facilities development. The new Management comprises the guiding lights of Mrs Geraldine McLeod, the Principal- Mrs Indira Valson and other eminent educationists from Sultan Bathery. They have embarked on teacher training sessions and workshops to improve the quality of education being delivered in the school today.
Within the broad curriculum offered as per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF2005), we provide ample opportunities to young minds to develop critical and creative thinking skills, to be self- sufficient and flexible, to be able to work with others harmoniously while facing challenges with fortitude.
The extra-curricular activities offered in the school supports the scholastic programme of our institution, helping us to present a holistic McLeodian – a self-sufficient, confident and active learner.

McLeod’s English School serves as a launching pad for excellence in education. We believe that every young mind has a potential treasure within. We at McLeod’s, aim to awaken the spark in each child by focusing on the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of the individual.
We shall hone your child and give back to society a McLeodian –a responsible citizen, who is creative, focused and confident.
We shall provide a stimulating learning environment for young minds by making available best and motivated facilitators, quality infrastructure and creative and innovative educational techniques that will help each child to discover the spark within him/herself and yearn to reach his/her full potential.
McLeod’s English School will be a platform for providing quality education, it will be a nurturing ground for the young minds wherein they imbibe altruism and grow into responsible citizens while contributing to society.
"Nothing opens a child’s mind like education- Bertrand Russell"

McLeod’s English School comprises a dynamic team who believe that education transforms lives and it is right for every young mind to question, be aware and educated. It aims to produce a community of learners who are self-sufficient individuals and goal oriented.

McLeod’s English School is committed to excellence in education, our vision enables young minds to develop into enriched learners. We nurture and motivate the young learners for the 21st century through a goal-oriented and success-oriented education program that will empower students to think on a wider perspective.

Every aspect of the school’s teaching learning process aims at overall development of the student-cognitive skill development that involves the progressive building of learning skills, such as attention, memory and thinking. Children process sensory information and eventually learn to evaluate, analyze, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect.

The effective skills or non-cognitive skills including personality traits, goals, character, motivations and preferences are also identified and improved upon.
To complement experiential learning, we provide our students with a dynamic and impressive co-scholastic programme. Various activities are planned to help students learn about life through experiences including- competitive sports, a center for social action-such as green initiatives for reducing usage of plastic and preserving flora and fauna of Wayanad. Through our Performing & Fine arts and Drama clubs, the students stage skits and dances on socially relevant topics.

Our school will provide ample opportunities to your child –
  • To develop critical and creative thinking skills
  • To be self- sufficient and flexible.
  • To work harmoniously
  • To face challenges with fortitude.
  • Emphasis on good and clean eating habits
  • Sensorial and activity based teaching
  • Training in personal hygiene
  • Friendly atmosphere



Truth and only truth is the light of life. Honesty in actions and thoughts is inculcated in students –to hone each of them to become upright citizens.


Value and respect oneself and others equally. First develop self-esteem, then accord respect to others around you, irrespective of their job and position.


We seeks to develop the aspirations of every individual, encourages healthy competition among students; at the same time, emphasizes on co-ordination and co-operation among all individuals. Team work and collective responsibility are essentials in the functioning of students at McLeod’s English School.


We shall participate with joy and delight in all activities at school, exuding positive energy. For every McLeodian, life is a gift to be cherished and enjoyed.